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All goods are made to order unless otherwise is stated. The current lead time is 5-10 business days for small made to order items (not including weekends or bank holidays).

Made to order bags have currently a lead time of 2-3 weeks

For bespoke orders, the lead time is as agreed. Work will commence once payment have been cleared.

When your order is ready to be shipped, you will be notified by e-mail (if available).

You find further information regarding shipping and returns in our General Polices.

The Craft - Some Reasons To Choose True Handmade



All our goods are crafted from scratch, in-house, at our studio in East London, using traditional tools and techniques to create a true handmade and bespoke goods.

Unfortunately, there are too many sellers that claim that they are making handmade craft, when they are not, and for the non-initiated it is not always easy to understand the difference. While it can be claimed that everything can be called handmade, we are referring to the following;

We do not use sewing machines for our leather goods. All leather is cut by hand and hand stitched with a saddle stitch (one thread with a needle at each end - being pushed through every hole from both directions - one stitch at the time) that is superior in lasting quality compared to the lock stitch done by a machine.
As default, we use Artificial Sinew thread that is a Polyester thread, stronger than Nylon and it doesn't stretch when damp or wet. The look achieved does highlight the handmade effort behind the making of the items.
Unless otherwise is stated in the listings, all goods are entirely made from cow or steer. You won't find any pig skin or canvas, lining our goods. For leather we use premium (this means no second quality hides - only first grade) full grain vegetable tanned leather, unless otherwise is stated. It is more expensive but better for our environment and frankly, nothing beats the patina and feel of worn in vegetable tanned leather.
There are of course several exceptions, like some hair on cow hides or CXL leathers from Horween tannery, or Box calf from Weinheimer Tannery. Leathers from these tanneries are world class quality. We always make sure to write out clearly when or if different kind of leather are used.

Finally, we make sure that all the edges been sealed, burnished and sometimes hand dyed, when required - again to make sure of a final product that have been carefully crafted without any flaws. So many other makers leave the edges raw - claiming that it accentuates the hand craft when it in reality too often is down to either laziness or lack of skill.

We do not agree with the 'Hack & Hustle' mentality, that unfortunately seems to be a current popular slogan for many small businesses, these days.

Our prices reflect the fact that you'll get a product that is truly hand made with thought, passion, skill, premium materials and ensured that it will suit the concerned customer like yourself, that cares about the craft and the handmade trade.
We want people to be proud to use what we're proud to make!