After Midnight is an independent accessories brand, with a focus on true handmade leather goods, designed and crafted in our studio in the heart of East London, UK.

The brand has its heritage in the Nordic parts of Scandinavia, where half the year the sun never goes down and the other half it never goes up.
 From Norse mythology and Swedish meatballs, to London with leather, bikes, skulls and Metal.

We take inspiration from the past - Retro, Vintage, Americana, Rock'n Roll, Kustom Kulture, with more than one nod towards the Greaser culture and old military memorabilia, - as well as from our love of contemporary Tattoo, Heavy Metal and Motorcycle culture!

Our continuous aim is to make After Midnight a premium leather goods brand for the concerning customer, that values heritage and longevity over trends and throwaway culture, and wants to be looking cool while doing so.