Leather & Thread

Our Leathers


All our standard leather is an Italian full grain, vegetable tanned leather (besides the Natural - that we get from an English tannery), of finest quality. This is a medium tempered leather, that turn softer in it's handle as it breaks in with use. The exception is the Natural undyed leather that is a firm leather.

The Italian leather is tumbled colored, to give a deep penetration, not only on the surface. 
Even though we avoid any defect leather, as a natural and uncorrected leather, it will show its natural state with wrinkles and some marks. This is not only a sign of quality, but also is a part of its charm.

This is the different color options we always keep in stock. All our goods are normally available in these colors, besides the color the item is listed in. 

If you'd like your goods in any of these colors, choose your alternate color from the drop down menus, on the right side in the listings.

1 - Natural, undyed 

2 - Whiskey Tan

3 - London Tan

4 - Dark (Havana) Brown

5 - Midnight Black

6 - Dark Grey

Horween Chromexel

We now also proudly offer our goods in this famous leather from the renowned Horween Tannery in the USA. This leather is dual tanned, partly chrome tanned and partly vegetable tanned, that gives it a long wearing property. The leather is a so called 'pull up' leather, stuffed with oils that makes it very supple and soft. The leather changes color to a lighter shade where it bends or is 'pulled'.

Notoriously difficult to do nice edge work on - the reason why so many other brands don't bother, and leaves the edges raw. We still finish the edges, though - in line with all our carefully crafted goods.



Options for this leather is also in the drop down menus to the right, in the listings. Choose the Horween option under "Main Leather", and then the Horween option under "Leather Colors" to make your choice. We currently stock 3 colors

- No. 8 (Burgundy) 

- Brown 

- Black 


For other kind of leathers, please contact us for further information about available styles and colors and price quotes. Different type of leathers we can get hold of, includes but are not limited to - Oak Bark tanned, Sedgwick Bridle, various Shell Cordovan, and Calf leathers.


Our Threads


We now offer 3 types of thread to choose from.

- Artificial Sinew

- Braided Polyester
- Waxed Linen

Artificial Sinew

All our small goods are usually hand stitched with Artificial Sinew thread and can be seen in all the photos. This modern version, that we get from the US, is made from Polyester, that is both UV resistant, stronger that Nylon, and doesn't stretch when moist.

We prefer the slightly uneven and rough appearance, as we think it enhances the fact that our goods are hand stitched (we do not use sewing machines).

Braided Polyester (Tiger)

This is a braided version of a polyester thread, and this Danish brand is famous for it's superior durability. The braided appearance, together with the fact that the thread is flat, and not round, gives the stitching a more uniform look, and still undoubtedly show that it is sewn by hand.

Waxed Linen

The traditional choice for handmade leather goods, is the use of waxed Linen thread - made from flax, and we can't refuse all the purists out there that prefer the look and feel of this old fashioned medium. We currently use dead stock Barbour thread from Ireland.


All goods are listed with a default thread and color - which is the type and color the order will be made in, unless another choice is made from the drop down menu "Thread" on the right hand side, in the listings.